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Ce Standard New Condition Pet Treats Processing Line

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Model Capacity (kg/h) Crush size (mm) Voltage Power (kw) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
PG-150 20-60 150*200 380v,50hz 2.2 800*500*950 150
PG-230 30-100 250*210 380v,50hz 4 950*600*1200 280
PG-300 80-200 300*210 380v,50hz 5.5 1000*700*1300 320


The bone crusher machine is especially suitable for crushing various animal large bones and fish bones such as dry bones, fresh cow bones, pig bones, sheep bones, donkey bones, etc., with a range of 5-100mm. Widely used in various sausages, ham sausages, bone soup raw materials, meatballs, quick-frozen food, salty flavors, bone marrow extracts, bone meal, bone glue, chondroitin, bone soup, bone peptide extraction, biological products, instant noodles Pulverized food, compound seasoning, catering ingredients, pet food and frozen meat and other hard materials are broken.

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